Functional Assesment

Functional Assessment
Functional Assessment

Training the right way should always start with functional assessment. It underlies any effective and safe workout. Our personal trainer will guide you through various tests, which will help us identify any limitations in terms of joint mobility or coordination.



To assess the quality of movement, it is necessary to perform an appropriate examination, which includes functional assessment tests, such as:

  • FMS (Functional Movement System) – a test made by an American physical therapist, Grey Cook. It identifies basic movement patterns where components such as mobility, stability, and coordination of the strength of the muscles involved in the movement.
  • YBT (Y Balance test) – this test is used to assess the balance of strength between lower limbs. The results are used to outline the direction, in which the training should go.

  • Movement pattern improvement
  • Basic life function improvement
  • Neuromuscular coordination improvement
  • Joint stabilization
  • Risk injury minimization
  • Increase in movement efficiency
  • Efektywniejsze wykonywanie ruchów w wielu płaszczyznach


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