Meet the Body Support Team. Our staff is here to help you whether you are an amateur, a pro, or a trainer yourself. Personal training is a great way to consciously and purposefully improve your health.

Kamil Goleń

Kamil Golen is an experienced personal trainer and an alumnus of faculty of rehabilitation at the University of Physical Education in Warsaw. He specializes in functional and personal motor training (NCSC). He has run numerous seminars and created courses on preventive training in tennis and running, which got accredited by the Polish Tennis Association and the Polish Athletics Association. As a personal trainer of motor preparation, he works with various national team members (tennis, athletics, swimming, martial arts, obstacle racing). He also finished a number of international seminars and courses, such as: Applied Functional Science, EXOS Performance Mentorship I and II, Kinetic Control, Crossfit Weightlifting Course I Frans Bosch: Strength & Coordination: An Integrative Approach. Helping people get back to doing sports after an injury is his passion. He’s an ex-athlete and sports-maniac, whose whole professional career is focused on bettering himself and his competences as a trainer. If you’re looking for a professional personal trainer who can help you reach your fitness goals, you’ve come to the right place.

Antoni Gąstał

Antek graduated physical therapy at the College of Rehabilitation in Warsaw. He is a certified personal trainer of the Polish Academy of Development and Sports and a street workout instructor. He has participated in many courses in the fields of mobility, powerlifting, Olympic duathlon, and functional and medical training. He has been involved in sports since the age of 5, training many different disciplines, such as martial arts, football, basketball and powerlifting. As an athlete, he realized how important it is to adapt the body to the type of physical activity performed. He believes that exercise is the best cure for first world problems. His silent mission is for everyone to be able to move safely and efficiently without pain, regardless of age or dysfunction. In his work as a personal trainer, he focuses on prioritizing training goals to minimize the risk of injury while achieving the goals set by his clients. His strengths are powerlifting, gymnastic and strength training.

Adam Kasianiuk

Adam is a physical therapist and a personal trainer. He is a Józef Piłsudski University of Physical Education alumnus. An athletics instructor accredited by the Polish Athletics Association, and an active runner. He gained experience under the supervision of the leading physical therapists and motor preparation trainers in Poland. He’s completed many trainings and courses on rehabilitation and sports, including: Cadavers Dissecting Anatomy course (CEM), Running Technique Analysis (dr. R. Biernat), Kinesiotherapy in Practice (PST), Kinetic Control - Motor disorders of the lumbar spine and hip. He also supervised the National Fencing Team at the European U-23 Fencing Championships held in Budapest. On a daily basis, he works with post-traumatic patients and people suffering from pain in the musculoskeletal system. But he doesn’t limit himself to only people experienced in sports. He likes working with people who just want to start their gym adventure. In his practice, he puts emphasis on building awareness of movement and body. He uses elements of both strength and functional training. He constantly deepens his knowledge in the field of physical therapy and training

Tomasz Sołowiński

Tomasz Solowinski is a certified manual therapist and physical therapist who completed his master’s degree in physical therapy at the University of Physical Education in Warsaw. He has been involved in orthopedic and sports rehabilitation for 15 years, running a practice at the Body Support facility in Ursynow, Warsaw. He has completed many postgraduate training courses in the field of manual therapy, neuromodulation, transcutaneous electrolysis, short-lever manipulation techniques, clinical neurodynamics, visceral therapy, functional movement assessment and therapy, anatomy trains and kinesiology taping. He participates in physiotherapy, orthopedic and sports conferences, and writes articles on the prevention of cycling injuries in the bikeBoard magazine. He conducts lectures and workshops on orthopedic physical therapy for cyclists, trainers, and medical and sports specialists.

Andrzej Smoleński

Andrzej Smolenski is an experienced personal trainer with a background in sports management. He specializes in strength and functional training. Since 2008, he has participated in many international seminars and conferences, such as: Frans Bosch Strength & Coordination: An Integrative Approach, “Modern approach to motor training and sports physiotherapy”, “Fitness preparation in team sports”, Kettelbell training, “Correctional strategies using Kettelbells & Clubbells”, “Mobility and stability in the context of athlete preparation and injury prevention.” He’s been involved with sports since he was a child, playing football, volleyball, basketball and others. As an athlete, he gained knowledge on how important a properly tailored motor training is to achieve the best results in a given sports discipline. His experience is invaluable. He’s passionate about helping people develop their fitness. If you’re looking for a trainer who will help you achieve your training goals, pay Andrzej a visit at our Body Support facility in Ursynow.

Paweł Łyp

Pawel is a personal trainer who completed his masters’s degree in physical therapy at the Faculty of Rehabilitation at the Józef Piłsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw. After completing Personal Trainer course in Technogym Academy, he’s been listed in Europe Active Foundation’s international EREPS register. His education allowed him to deepen the knowledge about body and movement, which translates to his focus on comprehensive development of physical fitness. For the past 2 years, he’s also been going hard with his crossfit training. If you want an educated trainer with focus on comprehensive motor training, come to our Body Support facility in Ursynow and ask for Pawel.

Weronika Banach

Weronika Banach is a personal trainer and a senior in physical therapy at the Faculty of Rehabilitation at the Józef Piłsudski University of Physical Education. In 2021, she completed a one-year internship in Portugal at the Instituto Universitário da Maia in the field of physical education and sports science. The internship allowed her to deepen her knowledge of training players of various disciplines. In addition, Weronika took part in research on the use of resistance training in older people struggling with complications after COVID-19. She believes that regular physical activity is the best form of rehabilitation, which guarantees improvement of the physical and mental health of the patients. Thanks to her education, Weronika knows how to help people struggling with various conditions. She has been physically active from an early age and constantly deepens her knowledge by taking courses related to motor preparation, physical activity, pain management, and by staying up to date with the latest scientific publications. Weronika invites people of all ages to train together - children, adults and the elderly who want to take care of their health, improve their motor skills, or struggle with injuries and pain.

Klaudia Czabok

Klaudia Czaboch is a graduate of physical therapy at the University of Physical Education in Warsaw. She specializes in working with patients after orthopedic injuries and overuse disorders. In her practice, she focuses on soft tissue therapy, myofascial therapy, kinesio taping and targeted forms of exercise. She has been involved in cycling for years. As a still active competitor, she knows exactly what the athletes need. Cycling and physical therapy are her two greatest passions, which is why she is constantly looking for optimal solutions and improving her qualifications – all to be able to provide her service at the highest level. Pricing: PLN 150 per physiotherapeutic consultation Consulting hours: Tuesday and Thursday 15:30-21:30

Konrad Nowak

Konrad Nowak is a certified personal trainer who completed his bachelor’s degree in physical therapy at the Masovian Medical University in Warsaw, where he is currently continuing his second-cycle studies. In 2015, he completed a course in personal training at the University of Rzeszow. Konrad constantly expands his qualifications by taking part in various seminars and courses, such as: “Functional Training”, “Motor shaping from a functional perspective” and “Modern approach to motor training and physical therapy in sports”. In his work as a physical therapist, he helps people after injuries safely return to physical activity. He works with both amateurs and professionals. Thanks to his experience and knowledge, Konrad is able to tailor personal training individually to the needs of each client. His motto is, “Motivation is the driving force of success.”

Witold Szczepański

Witold Szczepanski is a certified personal trainer who completed his master’s degree with honors in the field of Sports at the University of Physical Education in Warsaw. He is an UPE Motor Preparation Trainer and is interested in personal training from a functional and medical perspective. He has completed many courses in this area, such as BodyWork Movement Expert, FMS Functional Assessment lvl.1, lvl.2 and TM Academy: Medical Training. He works with both athletes who want to improve their motor skills and amateurs who are just starting their adventure with physical activity. He’s been involved in sports from his early years, from football to volleyball and rowing, in which he gained a lot of success like the title of Polish Senior Champion, or Polish College Champion. He was also a member of the Polish Youth National Rowing Team. In his work as a personal trainer, he translates his knowledge and experience into an individual approach to the training process. He constantly expands his horizons and coaching competences. As he says, “Exercise is not like a medicine that we start taking when a problem occurs. It’s something we have to do anyway, something the lack of which means that problems will always stay with us.”

Michał Skowron

Michal Skowron is a graduate of the University of Physical Education in Warsaw, with a major in Physical Education. During his professional career, he continued his education by attending numerous conferences and courses, such as Holmes Place Academy - Personal Trainer I and II, or EXOS Athletic Performance Academy - Mentorship Phase. As a personal trainer of motor preparation, he’s worked with professionals of many disciplines, e.g. KPS Siedlce volleyball team, Dolcan Zabki football team, top crossfit, powerlifting and weightlifting athletes. He’s also run numerous seminars and given lectures organized, among others, by the Polish Handball Association and various other sport-related organizations. He is a co-creator of the “Mobility and stability in the context of athlete preparation and injury prevention” course. His passion is everything related to human movement and health, from physiology and endocrinology to gymnastic training. He is a professional in every detail. You can see for yourself at our Body Support gym in Warsaw’s Ursynow.

Anna Bielska

Anna Bielska is a dietitian, a graduate of Human Nutrition and Food Evaluation at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences and Genetics at the University of Lodz. She has vast experience in nutrition and supplementation and is constantly expanding her horizons by participating in many courses and conferences, including: Diet optimization in disease states, Nutrition and supplementation, Shaping the female figure, Interpretation of basic blood tests, Nutrition and supplementation in bodybuilding and fitness, Sports supplementation in body shaping, Nutrition and supplementation in menstrual disorders, Brain chemistry, Body Challenge Sport and Nutrition Congress. As a dietitian, she specializes in sports nutrition and her main premise in working with patients is a thorough understanding of the problem at hand and an individual approach to each person. Her work is based on a detailed interview and analysis of blood test results, and her priority is remaining in contact with the patient.


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